Dark Red paper & dried flower bouquet

Dark Red paper & dried flower bouquet

from 580.00

This XXS bouquet contains a red paper hydrangea, 3 light pink paper ranunculus, dry cotton, lavender, and abundant of dry flowers. Red and metallic hues match together for this festive look. Charcoal grey paper wrapping in curvy style gives this bouquet an elegant touch.

You may upgrade the bouquet by adding Glowing Rose or Glowing Peony and enjoy it with Christmas lights decoration around the city. 

If you're looking for a floral gift that is long lasting and can act as a table top decoration on your desk for years, then this is the bouquet for you. :)

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Upgrade item color:

Glowing Peony Key Features:
~ Pistil is made with real gold Japanese rice paper (真金和紙)
~ Petal is made with Japan imported paper
~ Available in light pink/cherry pink
~ Flower Size similar to a real peony
~ Shake to turn on/off

Glowing Rose Key Features:
~ Made with premium Japanese rice paper (和紙)
~ Available in white/pink/blue/yellow
~ Flower Size larger than iPhone7
~ Shake to turn on/off